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My name is Jasmin Cabarios. Double majoring in Civil Engineering and Math. I'm a music and movie junkie. I also like art.

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Helmut Newton, Vogue




imagine bumping into 2007 you at the mall




♥ edited ❤ 

Fuck you anon. Lemme tell you fucking this. THIS IS MY BOYFRIEND ROBERT. He got into a motorcycle accident April 24 and was in a coma until May 19 and he’s been moved to 5 hospitals since. I spent so many nights in the hospital. I went to school and went to the hospital almost an hour and whatever away. Every fucking day. I literally was getting up going to school going to the hospital going back home and repeat. Now fuck you because I have a weak fucking body and I’m constantly sick and throwing up and during the time he was in the hospital, I dropped down to 78 pounds because I was too busy worrying about my boyfriend than myself. Then my dad had to pull me aside to tell me to get a grip on reality. It’s been 3 months going on to 4 since the accident and I’m still visiting him. I’m not pulling shady hoe shit. I’m not fucking dudes nor am I being too friendly with niggas. I’m fucking there. I don’t see his “friends” there. I see maybe 3 of his friends there regularly but that’s fucking it. I may not see him every day but I love him so much and whatever your punk ass has to say, do it right now. I want to see any fucking bitches do what I do with the situations that I have because all you guys are weak as fuck and I know you can’t fucking do it. You think I don’t give a fuck? Then think that, but I’m just gonna tell you that you’re just fucking hating that your nigga hitting me up and I’m curving his ass for the dude I love most. But why are you mad? That I’m still fucking living my life and I’m not a depressed bitch? Now sit the fuck down. You’re just hating because you know I’m better than you anyways. Fucking bitch, you probably look like a hippo and act like an obese person with no food.

Anonymous Asked:
Did you see Justine's post about Robert? How come you don't post anything about him?

My answer:

Yea, I did. And why? Do I have to? I don’t really post anything about my private life and this is really personal to me and I choose not to share it with fucking strangers. If you think posting things about someone equals someone’s feelings about another person, then you are so fucking wrong. Get out of my business.



Paloma Ford

I thought this was Beyonce



A pen sketch of Matty and Chelsea in the Robbers video.